The Cost of Humanity – New Release from Erin Winters' Pen!

The Cost of Humanity, Author Erin Winters, Christian Fantasy

The Cost of Humanity is Erin Winters’ first published novel.  A serious work, the novel is 500 pages of adventure in an imaginary culture.  Release date for this new Christian Fantasy novel is January 18, 2020!

‘Cost‘ ranks well under Christian Fantasy.  Typically, fantasy isn’t one of my first chosen genres, but that is a personal thing.  I’ve become acquainted with this new author because YOU like fantasy and her new book fits other Cardinal Bluff Reviews standards!  Another important point,  Erin is part of the Clean Writing and Indie publishing culture that I support!  Her book is going to get a chance here!

Does Safety Lie in Control? Maybe not!

Enouim struggles to live a carefully controlled, safe life, but one blunder leads to another and soon she is caught up in a quest for something that may not even exist.

Tribesmen from the surrounding areas are uniting under one man and have begun cutting off trade routes. As a last resort, Gorgenbrild sends an elite body of warriors after a legendary weapon that could turn the tide, and the leader is less than enthused to have an unqualified addition to the team.

The Cost of Humanity —Christian Fantasy novel - new release from Erin Winters

As Enouim faces down dangers she never imagined, her life tailspins out of control and she’s forced to consider that everything she was ever taught about life and honor may be wrong.

About Erin Winters, Author

Erin Winters grew up in Raleigh, NC and currently resides in Lynchburg, VA with her husband and son. When she was little she wrote many stories she would likely be appalled to rediscover now, and wanted to be an author around the same time she wanted to be a dolphin trainer. Neither panned out at first, but Erin started writing on the side in August 2017.

Erin Winters, author releases The Cost of Humanity, Christian Fantasy novel

She started training in the Israeli martial art of Krav Maga around the same time, and enjoys putting bits and pieces from those experiences into her books. Erin also loves steak and potatoes, board games, and curling up in fuzzy socks with a cup of hot chocolate.

While The Cost of Humanity is new and first released, there is another novel well underway from Erin Winters. 

Again, this new novel is clean reading, independently published and promises readers a pleasant time with a good book. Be sure to watch the Interview Video with Erin Winters.

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