4 Reasons to Read “Every Star in the Sky”

“Star light, Star bright, First Star I see tonight.

I wish I may. I wish I might have the wish I wish tonight.”

Reviewing “Every Star in the Sky”, Sara Davidson, author. Mosaic Collection Books Blog Tour 03/02/22 – 03/08/22

Kidnapped while walking down the street and forced to become a sex slave. This is not a one-time event; it happens around the world way too often. The enslavement is a degradation for all involved. And profitable only for the slavers who have sold their souls. “Every Star in the Sky” opens the eyes of the world to the evil slavery, abuse, and death that stalks women and men. Open eyes are better able to stand against evil.

Stir Up Your Faith & Your Hope

One: Stir up your faith and your HOPE as you read about a young sex traffic victim who has hope and faith. Plus, she knows about wishing on a star. Her name is Starr.

Care About the Growing Trust

Two: Care how a wounded soul can learn to trust. Starr must learn to forgive herself and trust her heart. She must and can learn to trust the man she loves. Readers can CARE about how she and other victims can learn the truth of love. They can learn to separate this truth from the terror they have experienced.

Every Star in the Sky, Sara Davidson, author. Blog tour 2022
Blog Tour with the Mosaic Collection 03/02/22 – 03/08/22

Fresh Air on the Canadian Rangeland – A Hiding Place

Three: Enjoy the story of Starr, a city girl, and Cole, a country-raised man. Starr comes to love the Canadian ranges where Cole’s ranch offers a hiding place. She will work with horses and learn hard-labor chores. She will clean stalls and chop wood.

See The Violence of Evil for What It Is — BAD

Four: Enjoy a gentle story that doesn’t pull punches. A story with some violence and sexual content. Sara Davidson brings a good story without being vulgar or smutty. Yes, an author can be open, telling the ugly truth and writing a clean story. She enhances the multi-cultural characters. They grow in spirit and maturity, even though they are past their teen years.

All Doctrines Can Read And Benefit

FIVE: (A bonus reason.) While “Every Star in the Sky” is a faith-based book, the only doctrines are the highest ethics and honor. Any doctrine can read without distraction. Read with a focus on evil upon which any doctrine should declare spiritual warfare.

Author and Publisher

You can learn more about the author, Sara Davidson, at her website, SaraDavidson.org. She includes information in the book about ways to help human or sex trafficking victims.

Mosaic Collection Books, publishes “Every Star in the Sky.” Sara is a new addition to the growing group of authors at Mosaic. I’m honored to be part of the reading group for new releases. And to count several of the authors as friends as I enjoy their writing.

This post is part of a blog tour – March 2, 2022 through March 8, 2002 – for the release of “Every Star in the Sky.”

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