You’re The Cream in My Coffee, Jennifer Lamont Leo, author

Cardinal Bluff -- Reviewing Inspiring Books, Mostly ChristianI enjoy that novels using the Vintage theme employed by Jennifer Lamont Leo.  They are bright and entertaining.  In terms of You’re The Cream in My Coffee, (not an affiliate link) I have found an especial favorite.

Loved it! I usually ‘like’ a protagonist, but this time I REALLY liked Marjorie Corrina! The wording and tone are so FLAPPER, even before Marjorie gets a chance to be a FLAPPER. There are several spots where Marjorie is genuinely FUNNY which made me like her even more.

I enjoyed the play of the other proper characters as Marjorie seems to back into an opportunity to test her personal independence. And learn that the programmed life that had been set out for her by her social climbing step-mother isn’t HER life. (BTW — this isn’t your typical wicked step-mother. Things do work out for the RIGHT).

Suddenly, our girl Marjorie gets to travel to the big city on her own, discover greater artistic talent and be responsibly self-reliant. She enjoys having a job and is excellent at window dressing in a major department store. Then, she meets the REAL Mr. Right who appears to be a double for her long lost first love and high school sweetheart, presumably lost in the Great War — not the fine, upstanding (phony and bossy) fellow from home.

For some twisting, Marjorie gets into some scary ‘deals’, but manages to come out alright.

I liked her Dad — a gentle, understanding man whose little efforts helped Marjorie get the chance to find who she is and how she will live. In the meantime, throughout the story, her gentle faith stands strong. And because of her sharing, her ‘best friend’ from the City is able to regain her own faith.

I liked the descriptions of Chicago and the small town where Marjorie helped with her family retail store. The clothing, decor and lifestyle descriptions where bright and entertaining as well. This book was one that I didn’t put down! Jazz is a darling thing for her and Prohibition a heavy discussion.

As the publishers’ intro mentions, she hasn’t ever gotten over her first love although she has a highly respectable proposal that everyone else thinks is wonderful. Discovering the look-alike man as soon as she gets to the big city, just throws everything into turmoil for her…is this man only a look-alike or is he REALLY long lost Jack? She certainly can’t marry Richard, the grand opportunity, until she knows for sure because she doesn’t love him and isn’t encouraged by the advice that love will come, especially when there is a nice checkbook involved.

Altogether a fun, flinch-free read that I recommend.  I read this book on my Kindle Fire using the Kindle Unlimited account.

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