Your Gift to Me | Bonnie Latino and Bob Vale, authors

A moving romance that involves healing and maturity for the lovers, both of whom have lost their spouse. Emily is a widow from the first action in Desert Storm whose loss has stayed close to her heart for 10 years. Ted is a fighter pilot, just as Emily’s husband, Gary was. Ted’s wife, Midge died after a battle with cancer.

Encompassed within a military theme, the story unfolds as these two tender people find each other, find a restored communication with their faith and take the painful steps toward building a future together. In the midst of their romantic angst, there is adventure as a mystery arises around deadly crashes of planes in Ted’s group. Emily’s experience as an investigative reporter reveals clues that match those being left by the culprit in the sabotage on the planes. Supportive characters experience changes in their lives that help develop the story — some get to transfer to their dream location while others find love in the most unexpected places.

The settings move from Florida to Hawaii and include Japan for beautiful descriptions and analogies as Ted and Emily build blocks that bond. The shattering loss of their first mates raises a spirit of fear that each must overcome. The gift is a picturesque solution that both can relate with while finding solace and safety.

A collaborative team of authors makes for a strong story that will move readers. They just give us so much to think about and learn from in a most pleasant read. The characters are interesting in their backgrounds and experiences. Several people whom I would like to have living next door.

Your Gift to Me was read and enjoyed by two people at our house, sharing the Kindle Fire. Expect a little drama, a little adventure, some risk, some fun and lots of beautiful scenery!

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