An Amish Home | George Michael Loughmueller, author

an-amish-home-coverWhile set in the Amish genre, this sweet story has application in the families of all believers who are learning the strength of their faith.

There is a bit of humor in the way the folks of Karsten Field help one another, keep peace in their hearts and in their activities and learn the true dept of their faith.

The story is told from various points of view, but largely centers around Allen, who is an Amish convert. His 5 yr old little daughter Ruth has some extraordinary abilities that some will try to pass off as being related to a serious medical condition. Even more so when the abilities fade after the condition is repaired and Ruth can see a future ahead of her.

I recommend you ‘visit’ Karsten Field in your reading chair and enjoy the community there.  An Amish home appears to have been digitally published in chapters and volumes before being published in print and digitally ‘all together’.   The community stays the same for the most part, but picks up new story threads.  I like the way some of the chapters or volumes come back around to gather previous characters for a particular scene.