Victory | DeEtte Beckman

victorycoverNostalgic Style with Lessons

A socio-political story about community and corruption. This book is based on deep faith which is all that keeps the good guys protected from selfish evil.

This story is written in a style that reminds me of older writing styles. Elegantly simple and to the point; getting us through the story.

There is betrayal, murder, attempted murder (even that of a child), abuse, romantic love and the Might of Right.

The story is moving. I enjoyed the story and that unusual writing style.

A community can come back to the true knowledge of the glue that holds them together. Sometimes the desire for personal gain and not paying attention will get in the way and the folks in the community have to learn the hard way with pain and loss. I recommend reading it from a political point of view — we must pay attention to what is going on around us. There are days when those who would be at the front of the line do not have the skills to lead or the best interests of the community at heart. When they are given more responsibility than they should be given, the givers are the losers. But the givers could have been paying attention.

Ms. Beckman doesn’t make a specific political statement; more saying that callous greed, cruelty and disrespect are bad and shows how in the story.