Thriller-Romance DOUBLE FORTE, A.P. Lazar, author | 5 Star Page Turner

Double Forte - Mystery/Romance/Thriller.

Thriller-romance novel Double Forte qualifies as a five-star page-turner. Author, Aaron Paul Lazar doubles down on thriller and romance.

Musical Life Plays a Dangerous Tune

Gus LeGarde, music professor, tells us the story.

Deep sorrow at the untimely deaths of his beloved Elsbeth and his father doesn’t ease. He looks for relief in Chopin etudes and his delightful grandson and faithful dog.

An early morning solitary skiing outing should be peaceful contemplation. But, THRILL will dominate as Gus finds a mute child shackled to a bedpost in a remote cabin. He rescues the little girl, but her kidnapper, Baxter, flees into the forest. Baxter stays in the story, plotting explosive revenge.

ROMANCE follows Thrill when Camille, a quiet, steady social worker, comes to care for the child. As she and Gus become acquainted, new love tries to sprout. Camille’s dark secrets and Gus’s grief make romance a little difficult.

When Gus’s small grandson can’t be found, fear (more thrill) comes out. Has Baxter turned up to exact vengeance? Gus must fight for the lives of those he loves. He does a darn good job!

Double Forte - mystery thriller novel. Aaron Paul Lazar author. Reviewed at Cardinal Bluff Reviews.

Winter’s Nature Expands Thriller Romance

Double Forte is set in the long, cold winter season of Western New York state. The characters mist travel over bad roads, dealing with snow and ice. Hyperthermia is real, but sometimes the cold helps ease the pain of an injury.  All are at risk, particularly the animals and children.

The country is rough enough to involve dangerous ledges and drop-offs. The wooded areas offer places to hide, either for protection or to dump a body.

Gus’s family and friends are used to the weather and the bad roads. He cooks sturdy, friendly food for family and visitors because that makes him happy. He goes out to look for those who’ve gone off the roads. Or look for those who need a warm place to get in. Gus will take risks and face danger head-on.  Fear only makes him sharper and more careful.

Why I like the Book

The thrills come at you fast and furious. The classical musi is my favorite genre. An avid reader, I don’t have problems liking most books I read.

Double Forte is a SIX-star book for me. I liked Gus from the get-go. Lazar, author, writes a tender character, more so than readers might expect from a male author. Lazar puts subtle twists into the story but doesn’t let them dilute the adrenaline surge of risk and thrill.

The multi-faceted story has points of connection that keep readers engaged. It is easy to find a favorite character. Readers will surely have different characters as a favorite! You might choose:

  • Gus or Camille,
  • Maddy, Camille’s flamboyant mother
  • the dear mute child,
  • delightful grandson, Johnny
  • Gis’s sensitive brother-in-law/life-long-friend, Siegfried
  • Oscar and Millie Stone, Gus’s wise elderly friends
  • Joe and Adam, local police and family friends
  • Max, Gus’s loyal dog
  • Sheba, golden retriever, Siegfried’s rescue from a severe trap
  • Other people and animals who make the textured weave of this story.

Gus’s personal journey is warm and rich with memory and ‘real time’ incidents involving. 

  • the illnesses and untimely deaths of his wife and father.
  • Students in the music classes he teaches at the college
  • his comfort in his piano and the classical music
  • his relationship with his animals, especially Max and the Morgan horses. But, not to ignore the rooster! No wonder his daughter, Freddie, is a veterinary. And his brother-in-law, Siegfried, is a true animal whisperer.

How will these incidents fit into the puzzle as the mystery unfolds? As I read, I liked learning little things about Gus and the other characters. Little things are the sauce of a story.

Does the cover make the book?

Oh, then there’s the cover! Do you choose a book by its cover? The cover on Double Forte had me a little confused. Then, at the end, I could assign the image to one of the characters, but not Gus.

Thriller-Romance-Mystery. Aaron Paul Lazar is author of Double Forte, first in a series.

What I like about this author!

Double Forte is the first book I’ve read from Aaron Paul Lazar. It struck a chord with me because of the characters’ humanness. Some are blatantly, cruelly intolerant. Yet, the main folks are tolerant. They take their respect and kindness steps beyond to loving inclusion. They are ‘loverant.’ The story tenderly touches handicaps and the support of a loved family.

An author who can spin a story with such tenderness and family love along with romance is worthy to be read. I found this favorite attitude in another book this year, In An Instant by Susanne Redfearn. Stories that stick with my heart.

This author’s skill at writing gentle romance reminds me of Murray Pura. Pura wrote several novels and kept his romantic scenes chaste and special. Whispers of a New Dawn was an exceptionally good book from Pura. Good for you guys! I’m proud to have your books in my collection. Both Murray and Aaron have demonstrated their ability to write tender love scenes.

You can learn about Aaron Paul Lazar at his website and his Amazon authors page. If you subscribe, he offers you a free book in your inbox.  His website is easy to check out. You can read how little things in everyday life can become an idea springboard for a new book or series

During the covid19 pandemic, he has all his audio books available FREE

Lazar has a great collection of novels. Double Forte is the first I’ve read. If his style carries through, that’s a heap of good reading.  Aaron Paul Lazer’s books have been named in several awards as you can learn at his website. Double Forte was named Foreward Book of the Year Mystery Finalist.

Do yourself a favor and get the book! And others by Lazar.

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