This Side of Yesterday – Upcoming Release

This Side of Yesterday, Angela D. Meyer, author. Inspirational

Anticipated upcoming release from the Mosaic Collection, This Side of Yesterday will be coming out early in March, 2020. A family story featuring care giving — a common topic in today’s society.

Ginger Mooreland is stretched beyond her limit. As caregiver for her beloved grandfather, she notices signs of dementia in his every day behavior. Business at the Jukebox Café is suffering. Along with grandpa’s issues, Ginger fears she may lose the café business that has been in the family for generations.

Usually a woman of confidence, she’s being assailed by doubt.Not only would she be the broken link in the family chain, she’s not sure how she can care for grandpa without the café. .

Grandpa is convinced that his wife, Irene, who disappeared shortly after Pearl Harbor is still alive. He launches Ginger on a difficult search for the truth.

Will Romance Only Add to Stress?

Mike, the pastor of the local community church, has become a close friend to Ginger over the years. As their feelings for each other grow, Ginger questions whether she needs one more stress in her life.

As Ginger traces the threads of Grandpa’s past and deals with her doubts about the present, she discovers far more than she ever expected for her future.

This Side of Yesterday, Author Angela D. Meyer. Upcoming release

Author, Angela D. Meyer writes women’s fiction with a focus on inspiration and entertainment for her readers. Personally, she likes to talk about books, writing, home, gluten free food, faith and Omaha.  Omaha? Angela finds her home in Nebraska, USA near family and friends.  In conversation, Angela has a passion to learn more about her readers.  Her life focus is to love God and love others in all she does.

Living in the heart of the midwest, Nebraska with her husband of 28 years, Angela holds memories of ocean visits along with beautiful sunrises and sunsets as favorites.

As an upcoming release, This Side of Yesterday is available for pre-order on Amazon and will be released on March 4, 2020. The newest novel joins other stories by Angela D. Meyer and Book Number EIGHT in the new Mosaic Collection.

The Mosaic Collection reflects on an international group of women authors and readers. Most of the authors live on the North American continent, from coast to coast and border to border. These authors are well-known for their inspirational, Christian based story telling styles.

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