The Third Grace — Deb Elkink — Faith-based Romance

You can take the girl out of the country, but when you take the country out of the girl, you’re in trouble! The Third Grace – a delight to read and review!

Growing up in rural Nebraska, Mary Grace Klassen loved textiles. Designing and sewing her own clothes came with country living. But for Mary Grace, the fabric was an art form.

Romance — Art and Soul

Enter François, a handsome, charming foreign student in her brother’s class. Mary Grace is so very attracted to everything about the foreign student from France. He’s ‘perfect’.  His charm extends to attending church with the family. Mary Grace’s brother and parents include François in farm activities.

With all of the other girls in school trying to lure his attention, François chooses little Mary Grace. He introduces her to the beauty of language and art. Her innocence reminds him of Greek mythology. François and Mary Grace begin to refer to her as Aglaia, one of the Three Graces — daughters of Zeus.

Romance blooms in the 17-year-old heart of Mary Grace Klassen!

She’s ready to proclaim her love for François, giving all to him. Ready doesn’t quite do it. Their last date is spoiled by her brother. By morning, François is on his way back to France. The Klassen family is torn by tragedy.

Fath-based romand. The Third Grace. Deb Elkink, author.

Grace in Fantasy

Fifteen years pass. Mary Grace changes her name to Aglaia Klassen. She presses her country and faith roots deep into her soul. No time for such nonsense. She embraces a thriving career in Denver as a costume designer. A costume commission requires research in France. Aglaia is the perfect person for the trip to Paris.

Paris — perfect for art. And is there a possibility François would still be there?

Aglaia’s mother, Tina, asks her to look him up and give him the Bible he forgot to take home. The errand feeds her fantasy and dream of his love. She must see François for her own heart.

Aglaia and Dr. Lou Chapman travel to Paris. Parisian art and lifestyle are everything Aglaia anticipated. As plans for the future and memories blend, Agalia comes to maturity. Finally.

Grace in Reality

Mary Grace has deep roots within Aglaia’s psyche. Ethics, convictions make up standards that are the foundation for the woman. A girl went to Paris, a woman returns.

Why would you read this author?

Deb Elkink’s faith-based novels feature characters who aren’t gooey marshmallow syrup perfect. The author brings sensuous scenes to the reader without being vulgar. The bad guys in The Third Grace aren’t common criminals. These characters represent people in culture today.

The Third Grace contains twists and subplots providing action and keeping you intrigued. I appreciate the differences in her novels. Earlier I read and reviewed The Red Journal.

Deb Elkink published this novel with The Mosaic Collection. I am honored to have been part of the launch team for The Third Grace.

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