Edisto Song — Lin Stepp — New Release

Lin Stepp takes us back to beautiful Edisto Island and the Avery family.

Edisto Song features Suki Avery who has become an accomplished concert pianist. She’s come so far since we first met her in Claire at Edisto, shortly after losing her father to a fatal heart attack.

Now, Suki struggles with weeks of illness and fever on the concert tour.   A meeting with her agent to negotiate for some time off to recover reveals shocking details. Her life will be taking new directions.

While Andrew Cavanaugh, a friend since childhood days, has come to enjoy a concert.  He wants to give Suki encouragement and support.  When she collapses on stage, readers can feel Andrew’s shock.  He stays with Suki in the hospital where he learns more about her problems.  Her solutions will throw their ordered lives into chaos.  As the author puts it: “well-ordered lives are right out the window.”

I’ve enjoyed this series and hope it continues. Edisto Island was not on my radar until Lin Stepp wrote this series which also includes Claire at Edisto and Return to Edisto.

A favorite vacation spot for Lin and her family, she brings the island’s attraction to vivid life.

Edisto Song is scheduled for release on April 1, 2021. You can preorder your copy here — DOWNSIZING, Lin Stepp Author

Edisto Song, Lin Stepp Author. New Release, April 1, 2021

The Author Who Soldiered On

Many have been derailed by the Covid 19 pandemic. Not Lin Stepp! She has drawn on her experience and memories to write TWO lovely wholesome novels. DOWNSIZING is set in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Sharing a release date with Edisto Song, this novel is part of the “A Mountain Home” series.

Tennessee and The Smoky Mountains — More than Novels.

Lin has written several novels in series. The series usually focuses on a location and community. Yet, each novel reads as a stand-alone story. Lin writes non-fiction travel guides with her husband, J.L.

They follow their love of hiking around Tennessee and the Great Smoky Mountains. Hiking trails and favorite locations are the starring characters of their books.

Lin writes a monthly blog post/newsletter for her fans at her website, LinStepp.com.

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