Surrender the Wind | Rita Gerlach, Author

surrender-the-windAdventure travels back and forth between the colonies and England during stressful times around the Revolutionary War. Rita Gerlach had woven another terrific story for her wide reader base.

Enemies and lovers follow the adventures through life threatening and rewarding days as this gently written tale tells the story of people who have ties in both lands. Blood runs thicker than water and family will stick together.

Some characters are wicked through and through, while others turn from wickedness to be the links that save the day for the righteous.

Surrender the Wind gives readers a glimpse of the ‘people’ involved in the beginning of the United States. There are no political scenarios discussing the birthing of the government. Instead, we see ordinary people who love their work and land. As a patriot, Seth Braxton has to overcome the connected prejudices toward the perceived enemy of family in England and deal with the prejudices which are aimed right back toward him. He finds firm, lasting friendships, matures to heal family rifts and marries the only woman who ever captured his heart. I don’t want to spoil the story for you, so you will have to read for yourself to learn which of the bad guys and good guys survive battles, shipwrecks and fires. You know, in a good story, there is a mixture of victory and tragedy.

Rita Gerlach weaves a tale of adventure and love with the accompanying risks and dangers through a ‘clean path’. I enjoyed a swiftly moving story that carries no profanity, personal faith without specific preaching, tenderness with no steamy, anatomically correct sex scenes. Yet, the story manages not to be boring! A talented novelist.

I purchased this novel for my Kindle Fire and am proud to have you find it on my reading list. I plan to read more of Rita Gerlach’s writing.

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