Olivia’s Wedding Vol. 4 in Murray Pura’s Cry of Freedom | Joy Ross Davis, Author

oliviacoverOlivia’s Wedding is Joy Ross Davis‘ short story contribution to Murray Pura’s Cry of Freedom Anthology. As the Civil War battles move closer to the family home, plans proceed for Olivia’s dream wedding. Her mother’s gardening skills have made the lawns and flower gardens a beautiful, amazing place to have the wedding.

Daniel, the groom, is off at war, adding to the stress — will he be able to leave his position?

Calm reigns through the character of Cyrus and the gentle mare Marigold as a mysterious, magical wedding dress appears in Livvy’s room.

All comes together as angels care for the family in the path of the battle and for those who ‘want to go home’.oliviarose

Joy Ross Davis has given her sweet angel treatment to this story of families in the woes of the Civil War where different opinions and philosophies cost happiness and lives…where do people find peace and protection when the future holds an overwhelming task of rebuilding after destruction?

As a part of the Cry of Freedom anthology planned by Murray Pura and enthusiastically joined by excellent and informed authors, Olivia’s Wedding will be one of your favorite ‘reads.’

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