Romance at Edisto Island — Claire at Edisto — Lin Stepp

Clair at Edisto, Lin Stepp, author

Tender romance at Edisto Island, an intriguing spot in the barrier islands of the South Carolina coast. Claire’s story is fast becoming one of my favorites from Lin Stepp.  Pure pleasure reading with tender, peaceful simplicity within enough dramatic tension to keep readers guessing. Set in 1985, there is almost complete absence of technology in the characters’ lives! That condition may be part of the appeal!

I loved reading about the Edisto Island settings because I’ve always lived ‘landlocked’ with only one visit to the beaches of South Carolina. Through being attracted to this story, I’ve used social media to follow Edisto adventures through hurricane threats and summer event announcements!  Cultural and vacation romance at Edisto Island gives the island an appeal that draws visitors back to enjoy the beaches multiple times. 

Sudden Death Changes Everything

Claire and her children offer readers life issues that apply today. This book has a different dramatic tension than the author usually brings. She doesn’t fail to show us that life isn’t all roses. Claire and her family face grief at younger ages than one expects.

Romance at Edisto Island, coastal islands of South Carolina

In 1985 and forward (setting times of the book), young widows were probably more likely to face different expectations from their families. We would have thought we were strong and independent in the 1980s, We may have a different world view 30 years later! 

Family expectations and limitations are obstacles that Claire and her children learn to overcome. Sometimes this leads to mild confrontation. Before the end of the story, Claire’s sisters come to realize they have always appreciated her more than they admitted. 

The familial expectations come from Charles’ family as well, creating even more stumbling blocks for the young widow and her children.

Claire is the ‘un-cutesy’ daughter 

Being the different, ‘un-cutesy’, daughter/sister was a challenge in Claire’s life before she married Charles. It is not right when one child lives under a cloud of disapproval from ‘socialite’ mother at any time or date. Claire’s disapproving mother is a strongly drawn character.  Today’s readers might see her as a little overdrawn. ‘Appearances’ were and are important to people like Claire’s mother. Children aren’t intuitive enough to recognize true insecurity in the adult. They only see themselves as failures. Claire grew upward, outward and beyond this potentially crippling environment.

Claire’s talents will bloom

Grief isn’t easy in any era. But there was a revealing naivete in Claire as she came into her own following the sudden death of her husband, Charles. I liked the way she developed hidden talents and aptitudes. As a young pastor’s wife, leader in the church with small children, I’m sure that Claire did use these talents frequently.  However, she didn’t see her true talented self in the activities.  

Romance at Edisto Island

Romance at Edisto Island as Claire heals.

Because Claire is a young woman, her heart will heal. She will see future true love and famiy in her life. As an attractive woman, she is offered choices, which creates one of the dramatic tensions in the story. 

Best of the BEST:

Author, LIn Stepp has the second book in the Edisto series coming to readers in Spring 2020! 

Edisto offers such a magical promise of a beach without the massive chaos of the typical ocean beaches. I enjoy following the local news on social media pages, even though I am many miles away.  With only a fantasy of being there, I will enjoy vicariously through these stories. Exactly what books are supposed to do for readers! 

As you read the book, Clair at Edisto, you can savor the atmosphere of Edisto Island through Edisto Island Bookstore and Edisto Island Museum.  Or get the latest community plans at the Edisto Chamber of Commerce. Each of these opportunities, plus more are active on social media for even more contact.

 More than one book in this author!

Lin Stepp writes positive books with a strong thread of faith. Each story explores a different family and/or personal dynamic that could be common in readers’ lives.  Not total ‘chick lit’; my husband reads them and enjoys them as much as I do. 

Additionally, Lin and her husband, JJ write popular guide books. Their books feature the beautiful hiking opportunities in their Smoky Mountain home country. Discovering Tennessee State Parks

Savvy marketers, the Lin Stepp website includes information about her amazing array of novels and the guide books, blog posts about new books and other authors AND a recent addition of a NEWS LETTER.

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