Prue — Marsh Saga Series — AnneMarie Brear — Coming Soon!

Prue, historical romance

Setting for Marsh Saga series is shortly after WW I in England

Prue Marsh is restless at home.  When Grandmamma determines to take Prue traveling the world outside of England, she is eager for the adventure.

They try India — exotic and beautiful, but filled with dangerous unrest. Family secrets are causing more unrest at home, perhaps destroying their perfect English lives.

Prue flees India, traveling to Italy and hoping a happier holiday with some fun times.  Surpriseing meetup with a man who draws deeper inward thoughts from Prue!

After surviving the war, Brandon Forster and his friend Vince find the quiet peace of home difficult to endure. Stimulating distraction appeals as they climb mountains in Europe. He never expected to meet a lovely English rose with a mutual restless spirit.

Bright Young Era of the Roaring 20s

Prue is open with Brandon about her past. He must decide if she is a woman he could live with. A tragic accident makes both of them confront real life.

Can they find wholeness in each other or will the past taint their future.

Prue will be released January 23, 2020. Pre-order here!

Prue is the 2nd book in the Marsh Saga Series Other books in the series include Millie (Book 1) and Christmas at the Chateau (Novella)

The author says that the Marsh Saga Series, which begins at the end of World War I is a new topic for her. While she has novels in the contemporary romance genre, her current stories are historical fiction set in the Victorian Era through World War II. She has written several novels set either in Yorkshire, England or in Australia. You can learn more about AnneMarie Brear and her writing at her website

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