Mother, Can You Hear Me? — Joy Ross Davis, author

Caregiver's true story - Mother Can You Hear Me? Joy Ross Davis Author

Joy Ross Davis takes readers into her heart and the heart of her family to make us smile, cry and learn about real people in a caregiving situation as she tells about time spent as a full time caregiver for her mother as the dementia and confusion of Alzheimer’s disease took a terrible toll on a mother who had been a leader in her home.

These bitter-sweet scenarios are not unfamiliar to me. They were first published in local and regional southern papers and readers learn more about the book at

To have the collection together in one full-of-feeling volume lets the  joy, wonder and stress roll over readers. It is impossible to read and not be spiritually touched.

Mother Can You Hear Me, Joy Ross Davis, author.  Caregiver's true story of Alzheimer's disease

You will sense the reality of the stories so gently and lovingly delivered

  • if you are a caregiver,
  • or you know someone being ravaged by Alzheimer’s or
  • if you know someone who is the caregiver,  

You will be comforted, inspired to look at situations differently and can only come out the other end changed.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregivers, you are not alone

More and more people are coming forward to share their role as caregivers. Whenever we wonder at the way the world is going, we only have to look upon the well-reared people who have become caregivers. You have compassionately become leaders for the family as the older generation is torn from leadership. Maturing often leads to role reversal.

In Mother, Can You Hear Me?, Joy spares readers the rough, day-to-day experiences. She does allude to them when she tell us how exhaustion can catch up with her and run her over at times. Those day-to-day moments are part of the job, but do not define the human being for whom the trap is closing.  The memories that must be fed and nurtured are the light times and the right times. Because there will come a day when these are all we have.  These memories comforted Joy when her mother breathed her last and they will stand others in good stead when that day comes for them.

A book made for many readers

As an added bonus, the cover designers were absolutely inspired with a design that reflects on Joy’s relationship with her mother, how things fade in our lives and a wonder if and when we will become ‘mother.’

“Mother, Can You Hear Me” is not a long book — you can probably finish in an evening’s reading. Available both in digital and print format, this is one that you shouldn’t pass by.

Caregiver's true story as author's mother suffered from Alzheimer's disease. Mother Can You Hear Me? Joy Ross Davis, author

Quality Author

Joy Ross Davis is a popular speaker for women’s groups and writer’s conferences or groups. Her writing skills have been honed through education and occupation as a university writing professor.

Joy’sfirst paranormal romance novel , COUNTENANCE, came to her when her mother no longer needed daily care. Her newest release, Peaches and Lace was named Book of the Month for November, 2019.

Since that first novel, she has written others, including paranormal historical romances. Davis is particularly adept at finding an obscure time in history where the stories dwell, then spinning elegant tales for her readers. Her novels are where magic is made in the kitchen and angels fall in love!

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