Light the Way – New Release, Lin Stepp, Author

In this new coastal series, Lin Stepp transports her readers into the rich, colorful lives of Burke and her sisters, Lila, Gwen, and Celeste, who grew up at the Deveaux Inn and Lighthouse on a windswept island, accessible only by boat. Get ready to be introduced to the ups and downs, joys and sorrows, challenges and adventures of a Lighthouse Keeper. The island that holds the warning light is near that favorite, Edisto. The story isn’t set in Edisto this time, but in the same part of the world.

Romance with Tension and Contrast

In the new series, author, Lin Stepp, adds tension through stresses in the lives of characters and contrasts through risks at sea and in local waters. Alligators are moving into the area. Along with some local snakes and other critters, wildlife adds definite risky contrast. Throw in some mysterious murders and you have a grand spread of story details.

The lighthouses along the coast have served sailors for many years. They have often been maintained by generations of the same families. Women were included in the responsibilities right along with their men. Sometimes without their men.

Wholesome Reading that Doesn’t Disappoint

Lin writes wholesome faith-based novels that make a reader glad that she picked this book! The new release is no different. “Light the Way” is the first in the Lighthouse Sisters series and I am looking forward to the next books.

You can pre-order your copy HERE –Light the Way”. The book will be released on April 1, 2022, along with “Eight at the Lake.” I announced the upcoming release of “Eight at the Lake” a few days ago. Our favorite author has been a busy writer the past few months. You can learn more about her at Enjoy updating posts about the new things that are coming

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