Hummingbird – David Stearman

A moving tale of young people, immigration, crime, faith and friendship!

The story follow the main character, Alexandra from her early childhood when she was brought from Mexico to the US by a ‘coyote’ along with her mother. Her life was totally redirected when her mother was detained by border patrol who didn’t understand the language and pleas that this woman was leaving her small daughter.

Spending years in a foster home, Alexandra had no idea that her status was illegal, but that is one aspect she had to deal with along with a detour into crime that sent her back over the border to escape the law. Did the ‘relationship’ Alexandra develops with a geriatric Hammerhead shark become one of those ‘what goes round, comes round’ situations? You decide.

Most of the story is Alexandra’s experience building faith and eluding bounty hunters along the way. Her friends also find their way to Christ and her new nickname, Hummingbird, expands in meaning to her and the others. With a young woman’s tender heart, Alexandra/Hummingbird gives generous guidance to a homeless child and a homeless near-child who has supported herself through prostitution.

There is some violence, but no profanity as Alexandra experiences protection in her beliefs while the bad guys’ fate brings justice down on their heads. Stearman can be depended upon to bring Christianity into the stories and spiritual growth that sometimes surprises the characters.  You can learn more about David Stearmans writing at his Amazon page and his ministries at

A pleasure read that moves fast and is not low voltage. I recommend Hummingbird.

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