An Unexpected Afterlife – Is This Messiah’s First Move

An Unexpected Afterlife, D Sofer, author

Jewish Culture and Humor

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Dan Sofer brings another well written book featuring the Jewish Culture.  The story, wrapped in Jewish culture and soft humor, is of the coming Messiah and the first two resurrected, an unrelated man and woman.

Graphic featuring cover and author

While trying to get balanced in a  community which believes them to have died, Moshe and Irina deal with family issues, terrorists and criminals.  They must convince a council of elders about their resurrected status — a ‘mark’ on their bodies is a confirming sign.  They establish the Dry Bones Society to help the ‘early risen’ with challenges they face until the Messiah comes. Dry Bones Society is the focus of this book and the next two in the series.

A sensible, sensitive and frugal great-grandmother helps Moshe K, the main character.  There is a vulnerable, accident prone prophet raising eyebrows and a loveable, generous Rabbi who helps Moshe and Irina when they are first resurrected and flung naked into the world.

Good book, but not my book

Why a FLAT for a well-written book?  Because I didn’t read it all.  The book fits the criteria for Cardinal Bluff, going over the top.  NO profanity or vulgarity. Little to no repetitive drivel to puff up the word count.  But a slow starter.

An Unexpected Afterlife is inspiring through the characters; my favorite being the Great-Grandmother.  But, it just is not my book at the moment.  Other reviewers on Amazon started with a similar experience, but several slogged through every page. 

Different reading interest doesn’t limit choices

I tried to read it on my Kindle Unlimited account where all books in the series are available for borrowing.  I’m going to have to pass, but not because this book is a stinker!  Unexpected Afterlife certainly is anything but a stinker.  In 2017, this book was awarded a Readers Favorite Silver Medal.  That’s not ‘chicken feed.’

We don’t all have the same taste in reading or many other things. I hope by telling you some of the story  and recommending that you check the author Dan Sofer and the books in this trilogy that you will find a story that lights YOUR FIRE.  Sofer writes intelligently, elegantly and is worth looking into.  He lives and works in Jerusalem.  At his website, readers can find an opportunity to download a free book.

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