Whispers of a New Dawn, Murray Pura, Author

whisperscoverMurray Pura writes INTERESTING and pleasant to read stories about spiritual life in various cultures, including Amish. Additionally, taking us to days long gone by, Pura gives us a view of history and walks his characters through the changes, advances and maybe regressions. Each book always leaves readers with something to think about — in this book choices made by some cultures, perhaps from greed, perhaps from fear, are visited on other people. The characters must address the injustice (too mild) and choose whom or how they will defend. Some defend in prayer, solely on a spiritual, prayerful level. Others must wade into the melee and rescue the tortured, imprisoned and candidates for murder. Connect with Murray Pura on Facebook.

The Whetstone family has grown up since Lyyndaya and Jude followed their love of flying and country in Wings of Morning.

The story addresses the issues of humankind in spirituality and conviction as the Whetstones, Lyyndaya, Jude and their grown children, Nate and Rebecca, along with Lyyndaya’s sister Ruth examine their Amish heritage and firm the foundations of their personal faith within the confines of their ethics and convictions.

Author Murray Pura approaches the Amish culture with a compassionate but realistic eye. As the times bring accidental death, war with intentional death, new loves, response for justice across the world swirling around the Whetstone family’s aptitude for flying and their Amish families and friends’ convictions around non-violence, we see believable characters work out the days leading up to Pearl Harbor and shortly after.

Who will be together when the story closes? Who will survive air battles and torture through the anxiety ridden days leading up to the American commitment to the Pacific theater of war? Who will be moved spiritually to choose the Amish way of life and who will be moved to choose to leave their roots and live away from the Amish ways? Who will have an unusual spiritual maturity to be able to see both sides, yet choose the path which is right for them without judgment of those who choose differently? Each of these questions has an an answer that you will find when you read a rich story where we can ‘view’ the lush farmlands of Pennsylvania, the exotic climes of the Caribbean and Hawaii. We share the shores and the music, the food and the dancing along with the rich creativity expressed in food and craft. Think of silk — think of wearing black silk or white silk. We just don’t get enough silk in our lives any more.

This is a solid story that includes the elements of adventure and romance while addressing the horrors of war, the pain of loved ones lost to death and others lost to a difference in belief. Harvest House does a superb job of editing so readers can enjoy the flow of the story without distraction.

I was given a copy of this book by Harvest House. I am not obligated to review it, but I am because I want you to have an opportunity to enjoy an inspiring, pleasant read. Whispers of a New Dawn was read and enjoyed by two people in our home. We then had some intense conversations regarding our own beliefs and convictions. I hope you will be stirred to think about your own spiritual condition and will bloom gloriously. Reviewed on Amazon and GoodReads.