The Last Waltz, Vol 2 of Cry of Freedom | Murray Pura, author

The-Last-WaltzOther reviewers have described The Last Waltz as poetry and I agree with them. Of all the stories I read by one of my favorites, Murray Pura, this story flows elegantly and poetically through a day in the life of a man and a woman, Mitchell and Charity Davis, enduring the War Between the States.

The Civil War has separated the members of this family, scattering a father and sons from corner to corner in the battling states while the mother has stayed with the farm doing the best that she can do. That best is truly amazing.
Their faith, regardless of their politics, has brought the couple one marvelous day together. They spend every second in joy and in preparedness for the days to come, following the promises of Scripture. Promises to King Hezekiah in the prophecy of Isaiah and to all in Psalm 23 create the peace of joy of their day together which includes time spent waltzing to candlelight — a gift in Charity’s eyes and an answer to faithful prayer on Mitchell’s part.
The inspiration for Cry of Freedom has come from a sense in Murray Pura’s heart that God reigns and tomorrow is in the hands of the angels through the ravages of war and the days that follow. As I read The Last Waltz many questions and imaginations were raised. I hope you will find the puzzles in the story and I will leave them for you! I can promise you will be deeply stirred in your spirit.
I highly recommend this release of the second story in the Cry of Freedom Collection. I will be reviewing this story at the Amazon page and GoodReads plus other venues. I bought this copy for my Kindle Fire.