Ways that Dogs Love Masters — And the Other Way Around

a book about faithful dogs and their people

We need more reports of loving, hero dogs and their appreciative families and masters.

There are some sad, sad stories in this book. Humans are not universally kind to their dogs. Some of the best masters are neglectful at times. But, your dog always understands and stays with you.  Dogs teach us a lot about being faithful and forgiving


A book about faithful dogs

Other stories of a dog’s ‘locked love’ for a master are really going to soften hearts and bring tears of acknowledgement.  These can inspire readers to do the best by their pets that they can. 

September 11, 2001 and the Towers gave us heroic stories about service dogs helping their blind masters.

a collection of stories about dogs and masters

Many of the dogs in the stories are service dogs and some began as shelter dogs who were given another chance. It is cheering to have a program in Missouri where prison inmates and shelter dogs work together to help the dogs become service dogs.

Dogs don’t demand much in the big picture. They exchange loyalty easier for wise, kind treatment. That treatment may not be lavish, but the dog understands the motives. Sometimes the best treatment is being courageous enough to let the dog go — to another owner or to heaven.

The book isn’t well-formatted.  There are some good photos and it is possible to follow the stories.  All seem to have been gathered quickly for a fast trip to publication.  I have the book on my Kindle and got it on a ‘free offer’ day.  After I had it and got into the stories about dogs, I wasn’t terribly disappointed by the poor presentation.  Each story could still make me value my dog and wish I had another chance with other dogs. If you were a grandchild or friend scrolling through my Kindle collection and found Dog Love An Unbreakable Bond, I would be proud to have you read it.

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