Turnin’ Pages — Cardinal Bluff Reviews Diary — March 2020

Cardinals at Cardinal Bluff
Cardinals at Cardinal Bluff

Getting a ‘late’ start with March Turnin’ Pages. That seems to be one of the few consistent things going on in my blog life!

Daylight savings time started for 2020 yesterday. Seems like they moved it up to an earlier date this year. The time change is always difficult for me to deal with. Both ends are uncomfortable, but I find adjusting to the spring change is more difficult. But, it is here and there is no time for whining.

The cardinal featured this month is a favorite in my collection. It is a very dark stained wood carving. I’m not certain how old, but do know it isn’t new. It was part of the knick-knack collection of an interesting local gentleman. We didn’t visit with him often, but each time he shared interesting historical tidbits about the community and our neighborhood. When his estate was auctioned, I was out of town, but had family members bid this carving off for me.

Earlier, I had planned to have a 31 day challenge for New Releases in March. There will be new release announcements, but not one per day! Transmutation has already been announced. Lin Stepp has two new books coming out soon. Their announcements are scheduled for later in March.

Transmutation - Lynn Miclea. New sci fi release

Due to life changes (we’re getting prepared to move lock, stock, and barrel to another state), that goal is going to be sharply cut back. I haven’t time to hunt the new releases and get things ready.

I’m so happy that moving doesn’t mean blogging stops! There will be another time and day for challenges.

Remember our author friends benefit from reviews about their art. Subscribers can download their free copy of Book Notes to keep track of review notes. And have ongoing access to other new things that will be coming to the Resource Library at Cardinal Bluff.

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