Turnin' Pages — Cardinal Bluff Diary — January 2020

Happy New Year graphic -- Resolve to Read
Happy New Year graphic -- Resolve to Read

I’m excited because I have a nice list of new releases for the coming weeks!

January 3, 2020

The January Book of the Month, Eastgate Keeps on Singing, K.D. McCrite, author.

A bright, Cozy Mystery, Eastgate Keeps on Singing is a little different from the typical pleasure read you might expect with a Cozy. Much of that may be due to experience of author K.D. McCrite. She has written several novels of her own, plus mysteries for Annie’s Mysteries. Working in her Arkansas home, she writes full-time.

Coming New Release — Christian Fantasy

Erin Winters has been a writer in her heart since childhood! Isn’t that the way of MANY authors. It’s like there must be ink in their DNA!

The Cost of Humanity is Erin Winters’ new novel releasing on January 18, 2020. This is no ‘weeny’ little novel at 500 pages. As Christian Fantasy, it is not my usual genre favorite, but I like this author’s intentions. And that she can write a big novel, staying clean and keeping her Christian convictions.

Christian Fantasy — The Cost of Humanity, Erin Winters, author

I’m happy to be announcing her new book!

When the archaeologists of the 23rd Century read this, I’m encouraging them to check weather patterns! The past decade has been terribly WET in our neighborhood. The lilacs have been hindered some years in their flowers because they didn’t get their ‘suffer time’ of extreme heat and drought in August. They actually droop and look pathetic. I have to ignore them because this weather is what makes them flower. I think it is preservation of the species!

This winter weekend is lots of rain. Tornadoes at other people’s houses. We’ll probably all have ice before morning. Sad face.

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