Turnin’ Pages — Cardinal Bluff Diary — February 2020

Well, here we are four days into February — a short month as it is — without starting the diary. I’ve been writing posts to keep in reserve.

Cardinals of Cardinal Bluff

The month went past with review posts and not much chatter. I guess you could say I was turnin’ pages of books.

Things are fixin’ to change at our place. We’ve been distracted!

Bank Notes was chosen as February book of the month. A true story of Caroline and Keith Giammanco’s relationship along with his experiences as a convicted bank robber.

Bank Notes, True story
The Cursed - Cathie MacRae author. Highlands romance

Historic romances have been of some interest and the authors are really great. Lord Darkness and The Cursed — Medieval Superstitions Haunt the Lovely Rosaline were two historic romances reviewed during the rainy, cloudy days of February 2020.

Once Night Falls -- During Mussolini Regime

Once Night Falls — A novel centered during the later parts of the Mussolini regime was our War and Holocaust review for February. It isn’t intentional that only one will be reviewed per month, but this simply happened in February

The rest of the books reviewed in February are particular favorites of mine! I would be hard put to choose one.

Sarai - Foundations of Faith story of Sarah from Genesis

Foundations of Faith series brought a Biblical fiction story of Sarai (Sarah) from Genesis.

Further faith based inspiration came from The Road to Happenstance, a part of the writings from the Mosaic Group.

Janice L. Dick author writes The Road to Happenstance, part of the Mosaic Collection.
Pinterest Image

Janice Dick has been a favored author on my reading lists for years. She has brought a wonderful story to the Mosaic group. Pleasant with some drama and inspiration.

52 Steps to Murder. Steve Demaree, author. Mystery story

52 Steps to Murder is almost a Cozy Mystery, but written with a style long missing in pleasure reading. The two main characters, police detectives are simply likable. Their gentle faith made a sweet touch to the book, making me happy that their observation skills found the bad guy!

Suzanne Redfearn is author of In An Instant

Truly the book I couldn’t put down came with In An Instant. The story was moving and inspiring. The author’s experience upon which the story was inspired makes your heart just hurt!

February was not pleasant for weather, but I enjoyed many books and enjoyed writing their reviews. Now to get caught up with March!

Remember our author friends benefit from reviews about their art. Subscribers can download their free copy of Book Notes to keep track of review notes. And have ongoing access to other new things that will be coming to the Resource Library at Cardinal Bluff.

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