The Snow’s Meltdown | Marita Kinney, author

This story moves VERY fast through a short period of time in the lives of a Christian couple, church leaders and their son and daughter-in-law.  They struggle through suspicion, porn, cancer, death and more.

Written for a NoNa (November National Novel Month) challenge, there are a few loose ends that might be edited out, but understanding the situation, I could see the author getting all of the story down with the drama anticipated in a romance novel, then maybe tuning on it later. One of the beauties of an e-book is the way corrections can be made for future readers. This gutsy author makes the reader look at all the characters’ warts, then, when romantic justice would call fire down on them, she makes the readers see how God really works to retrieve what can be.

The focus is on faith and trust. The ending is unexpected. As other reviewers have noted, there are recognizable images in every scenario. Life is seldom predictable nor does the action work out the best for everyone.  As a part of a series according to the title, there may be more from the Snow family.

From the Author’s comments about the NoVa challenge, this book is a debut novel. I wish there had been better editing for flow and technical presentation. As I mentioned above, the time factor for the challenge may have influenced the work schedule, but I hope the author will make some edits and will correct the Amazon copy.   I can’t demand too much from the book because I think it was released ‘under the gun’.