Reviewing Books that are NOT Flinch-Free — Warning Signs Ahead

Warning to readers that category content is not flinch-free


There are some well-written plots that don’t meet the standards at Cardinal Bluff.  There are times that I get into them and go ahead and read them.  When I find a book like that, I have another place to review them.

Warning graphic -- book in this review is non-flinch-free

Reviews which follow this pinned note will not be totally flinch-free. I have found them to be well-written and with entertainment value for people with different interests.

Readers at Cardinal Bluff have multiple reading preferences. They choose:

  • a sweet, clean thrilling novel
  • a sweet. clean low voltage story
  • a Christian based inspiring story
  • an explicit ‘bring ’em to justice’ story
  • explicit non-fiction books.

Obviously I read these options or I wouldn’t know about them to be able to write a review!

The reviews will be clean-reading, but the books will have elements that do not meet flinch-free standards. There will be some profanity and vulgar language. You can expect violence and probably murder. Sensual scenes will be as other reviewers describe: STEAMY.

As stated before, we skip the pure porn and much of the violence for the sake of shock and awe. When I fall into a book that I can’t stand, I stop reading. The risks of finding material that seriously offends me convinces me to have a Kindle Unlimited account! That way, I can easily STOP reading and remove the book from my device.

In terms of review. the seriously offensive book is more ‘not the book for me’ than a bad book that would not get past general censors.

When I get to the pages of a book that I prefer not to read, I skip them if the rest of the story interests me. I’ve turned off comments for this post because any that come in would only be arguing with my decision to include the reviews in this category.

If you have read the reviewed books in the category and wish to comment on those individual reviews, please do. All comments are moderated before publishing.

Remember our author friends benefit from reviews about their art. Subscribers can download their free copy of Book Notes to keep track of review notes. And have ongoing access to other new things that will be coming to the Resource Library at Cardinal Bluff.