Medieval Fairy Superstitions Haunt Lovely Rosaline 

The Cursed - Cathie MacRae author. Highlands romance

Medieval fairy superstitions are not a joke for Rosaline Johnstone. She seriously believes she has been cursed by the faeries. Will it keep her from marrying the man she loves?

Betrothed four times, none of her suitors have made it to the altar. This time she’s in love, but if she agrees to marry him, his death will be on her head.

Sir Walter Can Stop the Curse

Walter de Ellerton, deeply religious and a fervent keeper of the chivalric code, has patiently sought the right lady to marry. He has at last found her, the woman of his dreams, and though she professes undying love, she refuses to marry him.

Caught between the machinations of a wily Scot, the ambitions of an English lord, a vengeful clan chieftain, and the mysterious works of the faeries of Eaglesfield Burn, Rosaline and Walter must break the curse Rosaline believes was settled upon her many years ago—or risk losing their chance to live happily ever after.

Medieval Fairy Superstitions

Medieval fairy superstitions haunt this sprightly story. Rosaline Johnstone and Sir Walter de Ellerton, the man who loves her, face a curse the fairies have placed on Rosaline.  The story is a definite pleasure read, set along the border between medieval Scotland and England.

The Cursed - Cathie MacRae author. Highlands romance

Whenever Rosaline becomes betrothed, the young man dies before they marry.   Walter and Rosaline determine to overcome the fairies’ curse.

Highlights in the Story

Some characters, including the three younger sisters who are amply drawn, add a bit of slapstick humor.  These spots bring light into a story that is primarily military type conflict. Because there is some military conflict, violence is implied, but not graphic. Sensual scenes are not explicit or vulgar. I liked the respect and affection between the heroine and her beloved. She’s a tough little cookie as she needed to be in those times in history

Cathy MacRae — A Prolific Author

I am a fan of geographic and cultural descriptions and would have enjoyed even more. The author does well with the descriptions that are included.  Author, Cathy MacRae really ‘gets’ the picture for readers when we see the medieval life was not a bed of roses…rather leaves, rushes or if lucky, some feathers in the pallet!

I enjoyed The Cursed with its unique characters showing humor, compassion and color. Cathy MacRae has a way with words that you as a reader will enjoy.  She has written several novels set in the Highlands and medieval times.

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