Marian Baay Shares “What Inspires Me.”

slenderladytresses6749Contemplating “What inspires me.”, Marian Baay went on to share the inspiration she gathers for her soul when spending time by the sea in her Holland home. I’ve never seen that sea. The ‘biggest’ water I’ve ever been near was the Florida Gulf coast around Tampa.

I hope that you will read Marian’s blog and see the images she has of the sea and the wildflowers. Grasses, trees, wild flowers and the flowers in my garden give me some of the inspirational moments that I find. Walking by the hay field, at peace, let me see the first, spiraling, slender lady tresses I had ever found. They seemed to have no leaves…rather like the surprise lilies that pop up in the flower beds near the house.Surprise Lilies


I can fixate on the intricacies of the flowers and just drift off into the deep thought place where I can hear. As Marian points out, at these moments and in these special places, we do hear the things we’re really supposed to hear. Be willing to tap into the inspirational moments and note what the spirit is saying to us keeps us from wandering down useless trails. Instead we are basking in a fulfilling guidance which we enjoy and know that those we serve will benefit with us.