Ebony — Supernatural Dream Car?


Supernatural or Supertech?
In a story for the teen/tween set, B.J. Robinson ventures into newer territory for her story, Ebony.  She writes with twists and turns about a high school girl and her graduation gift from her parents.  The give is a grand new car which Alisha names Ebony referring to the shining black color.
As the risks increase and Alisha finds out who her true friends are, their faith is tested and you begin to wonder if they’ve wandered off into dangerous spiritual territory. Can a car with all of the bells and whistles have a personality like the KIT car in Knight Rider?  Can that personality choose favorites, take sides and become dominant?
The story, set in the winter of Maine, unwinds down some looping paths, just like the mountain roads where Ebony carries her driver and passengers.  The winding story comes out at a surprise ending — a story type that the author practices often.
Mildly Christian, Ebony is a flinch free book with no profanity or erotica.  Safe for your grandma to find on your Kindle. A quick pleasure read for a quiet afternoon or evening.