Come on in, Guest Blogger! Glad to see ya!

patchworkI love to have authors or agents or publishers add their voice to Cardinal Bluff in a guest post. Variety in crazy patchwork for readers and site visitors added my very opinionated reviews or statements will make a fantastic word picture for everyone.

Please consider the invitation extended if we’ve not communicated about the possibility of YOU being a guest blogger here.

The focus of Cardinal Bluff:

  1. Inspiring
  2. Uplifting
  3. Primarily Christian

Not all books that I read and review are going to have a Christian message. Some which do will have a mild message, others will be faith strong.

Potential Format:

All About YOU

  • Your Bio and synopsis of your book of choic
  • Interview featuring you


Conversation/interview between two or more authors. ( I may or may not be there)

You know how the All About You Interview works; you’ve surely seen some of the “Next Big Thing” round-robins going around. If you are interesting in an interview: Select AT LEAST 4 items from the list; you can do them all if you like.

  1. What is the title and gist of your latest book or story?
  2. Do you write from experience?
  3. Do you see your story as autobiographical?
  4. How long does it take for you to get a story ready for publication?
  5. Please tell something about you that readers wouldn’t know.
  6. Who are two of your favorite authors?
  7. Do you like writing a serial story with parts released to the readers as chapters or volumes?
  8. Do you like writing a series of stories that feature the same characters?
  9. Have you ever written with a collaborator?
  10. Did you take classes for writing?
  11. Tell us about your first story, please.

Do you have a website we can link to? I would love to link to places where people can buy your book. If you have the book in special book stores that you would like to boost, we can do that. You’re welcome to plug your agent and publisher. Cover images and your photo would be wonderful to place in the post.

Don’t worry about length — we have as much space as you need. I hate RULES, so will be soft about them here. If you write a guest post that is heavy with your own personal doctrine or convictions, please note that. Or understand that I will.

If you see these patterns as a fit for your style and needs for reaching readers with something special about you, please PITCH your plan to me at and we’ll move forward.



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