Christian Suspense and Mischief — Find The Stolen Horse

The Mischief Thief - Christian Suspense - Johnnie Alexander, author

Christian suspense characters in The Mischief Thief figure “Two wrongs don’t make a right . . . except when they do.”

Can a Con Artist Run an Honest Con?

Chaney Rose struggles with life every day, even as a con artist.  For some quick cash, she tries to reverse her habits. Intent on helping with recovery of Mischief, a stolen racehorse.

She’s followed and apprehended by Special Agent Benjamin Grant while breaking into Adam Thorne’s home. Thorne was fired as pastor at his church because of his Dad’s association with the racehorse!

Rose and Thorne are now a team, con and minister, in seeking the solution of the mystery and the recovery of Mischief! Will they be able to do it without being hurt?  Will Grant be a bigger problem?

The Mischief Thief - Christian Suspense novel.  Johnnie Alexander, author

My horses, Ace and Fritz don’t attract thieves.  I would be crushed if they were. I’m proud of their Morgan horse bloodlines, but they just aren’t ‘grab’ material! Ace is 30 years old with a diet that helps him keep weight, shine and spunk! Fritz has been with us since conception and is a sweet-natured boy.

What I liked about this story:

Even among grifters, the family loyalty and bond between Chaney and her cousin Marshall made them appealing folks for me. Marshall is in deep trouble because he took a bigger chance to protect Chaney from bigger trouble.  They’ve stuck together through thick and thin. Marshall is one of few who know some of the foibles and fears that haunt Chaney.

Adam Thorne struggles to keep his faith strong. He’s taken a serious personal ‘hit’ almost every day for the past few weeks. Nothing dangerous except for his self-balance.  He and Dad manage to get their relationship back in line with their convictions through their ‘Chaney experiences.’

The writing reveals the bad guys without making them caricatures. Yet, manages to keep a fast moving suspense story free of profanity, vulgarity and smut! It is possible to have risk, danger and good writing along with Christian suspense.

Johnnie Alexander – Up and Coming Faith Based Author

The Mischief Thief, Johnnie Alexander author. Christian Suspense

Johnnie Alexander, with an impressive list of publications, has teamed with The Mosaic Collection Books for a series, beginning with The Mischief Thief. Released on May 6, 2020, The Mischief Thief joins several other novels recently published. I’ve enjoyed another recent release from a member of The Mosaic Collections Books: The Road to Happenstance

Johnnie describes herself as having Country Roots. ” That’s me. I’m also a writer, speaker, and looker-upper of things I don’t know. I get lost in great stories, and I smile at the future (Proverbs 31:25.”  From her website:

You can learn more about this prolific, positive author at her website and her Amazon page:  Johnnie Alexander on Amazon.

I’m honored to have been part of the launch team to get this book in front of readers! I highly recommend the story and look forward to the next book in the Rose and Thorne series.

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  1. Oh, no! I read this yesterday and neglected to comment. Thank you so much for your fun review–I love that you talked about your own horses. With those Morgan bloodlines, I’m sure they’re beautiful! Appreciate you so much and honored to by your post. Hugs!

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