A Peace At A Time | C.J. Braden, Author

Each must make her own way along the path to God. Sometimes there are more turns and curves than for others. God is always patient.

A Peace At A Time, C.J. Braden, author

One woman’s journey from the beginning. C.J. Braden tells her experiences as she made her own choices without solid communication with God, but thinking she was doing things right.

An impulsive Bible study group at a dark time in her life opened the doors of her heart to God completely. A spiritual experience that revealed God’s protection and love for her through the years, Along with this new peace, C.J. received a view of how things could have been different had she been walking with Him instead of trying to work it all out under her own control. That view became this book.

Believing that life would fall into place for her and giving in about dreams became the way things went for C.J. and many other young women. Dreams of being an artist and living in the West that were in her heart from childhood were put on hold.

Without making a boring, specific road map and ‘how to’ statement, C.J. Braden writes about her experience and how things could have been different. Readers have personally told her that they can read about her path to God and understand their path more clearly.

A statement of love and joy to bring God’s encouragement and comfort to believers, new and mature as well as searchers who, like the younger C.J., still wonder what they believe.

I am well acquainted with C.J. Braden. I was blessed to be there when ‘the lights came on’ for her spiritually. I recommend a Peace at a Time — that is how life with the Lord works, just taking the days one peace at a time. He keeps sending the peace every morning.

I bought A Peace at a Time for my Kindle and have received treasured autographed copies from the Author. I was not required to give a review of any sort.

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