Sheltering Arms, Vol 4 , Murray Pura’s Cry of Freedom | Joette Baldwin, author

sheltering-arms-coverSheltering Arms displays every facet of dramatic tension that could have occurred to the people during the American Civil War, both for civilians and soldiers.

The story rests firmly on the shoulders of two young women who are sisters and who are trying to hold Rose Hill together on their own while their men are at war. They grow spiritually as they wrestle with traditional foundations of slavery and the coming changes in the relationship with the people who will no longer be enslaved, but who are emotionally close to one another. This family experiences loss of family and slave caregivers early on during the war and must deal with these losses as they are struggling to keep their land and wish this war would end.

Renee Chastain Harris has both a husband and son in the war; this story is not about the young and lovely; it is about the mature and inwardly beautiful people who loved and lost during this tragic time. Her son Burke returns from the battles with news that his father and Renee’s beloved husband, Coleman has not survived. Burke brings a letter from Coleman promising to meet her in spirit beneath the beloved purple magnolia tree Coleman planted in their yard when they first married. Glimpse a story of a deep and abiding love, dear reader, through the tears creating glass tiles before your eyes. Enjoy and read of the future for a family that endures and carries on. Joette Baldwin brings details to the story that make you connect with the characters and get on board for their experiences past and future.

I learned more about magolia trees. The purple magnolia so important to the loving couple in Sheltering Arms blooms all at once in our part of the country and is an early beauty on the face of spring. The tender, purple/pink flowers are an uplifting sight.

Sheltering Arms expresses the passion that inspired Murray Pura to organize the Murray Pura’s Cry of Freedom collection. I recommend this seventh volume in the collection.