Fairchild’s Lady | Roseanna White, author

FairchildladyAuthor Roseanna M. White is active both with her own stories and networking in the world of writing and publication.  The story is set in an intriguing time.
Swiftly moving novella that has no profanity or debauchery, but hints at evil deeds being considered by the arrogant villain.

Intriguing moment in history as the French revolution bursts into action.  The characters are a rescuer and his quest to rescue a woman and her daughter from the foment of war in France.  The rescuer and lovely daughter fall in love, of course.  The characters pray in a manner that seemed rather from another era, but they do make an effort to practice faith which is a good thing to be reading and they display ethics and honor.
Nice reading for a waiting room or other spot when you need a couple hours of pleasure, un-profound reading.
Editing is good, so readers can keep moving through the pages without distraction.  There is excellent description of both places and social fashions of the time.