ETSY — Book Lovers Printables

Printables for Book Lovers and Readers add to the fun we all enjoy when reading. I appreciate the number of authors who joyfully read and recommend books written by their colleagues. In another side of my life, I have an Etsy store named Bar JD Printable Plaza. The Bar JD part reflects my other careers.

Read and Review Journal from Bar JD Printable Plaza

The Read and Review Journal package that I have created contains tools that help readers write reviews. And enjoy the writing! There are pages to help compose a review, keep track of the books in your library, create a wish list for future reading, extra pages for your writing, and a helpful guide to writing a review.

Printables let you have control over the production of your journal. Each of us is an individual. The journal publishers do a pretty good job of creating one-size-fits-all. But there are times when we want our individuality and need control over the pages we have to deal with.

When working with my personal journals, I run every page through the three-hole punch and keep them in a three-ring binder.

6 Book Lovers Posters from Bar JD Printable Plaza

The Book Lovers Posters are PDF files formatted to print on 8.5-inch x 11-inch letter size paper. I prefer something with a little body, such as Bristol Paper. The finished poster will be 8 inches x 10 inches and suitable for framing. The download at Etsy contains 6 clear posters and 6 of the same design, but with formatted frame/matting. Colored paper or black and white printing will work very well. Or, you can take your favorite to your local printer for a creative canvas print.

I like to print one for the wall at my desk. I rotate them out and put the ‘old ones’ into a three-ring binder as separator pages.

Subscribers to Cardinal Bluff Reviews receive a free Poster. At this writing, the Read With Me the Whole Bloomin’ Summer is the free poster. That is subject to change.