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JudyAnn Lorenz, Ghostwriter at Bar JD
Bar JD where JudyAnn Lorenz is Ghostwriter, Blogger and does WordPress websites.

As a ghostwriter, I’m available for writing books, both fiction and non-fiction. I can write blog posts for websites. An active website keeps you top-of-mind with Google and your readers. Your energy has to focus on your books. Finding time to write blog posts or newsletters to your readers is difficult. Yet, those activities are necessary if your message is to get out to readers. Readers find you when the search engines like you.

I’m the primary reviewer at Cardinal Bluff. There may be guest reviews in the future, but currently, I’m the only opinion available.

Is A Ghostwriter Unethical? How DoYou Work?

As a Ghostwriter I help get your ideas outlined, into working drafts and finally into publication. The book or post content have your voice and your name. You’ve simply hired someone to organize and prep everything.

Ghostwriting is NOT unethical! People have been using someone else to organize and publish their thoughts and experiences for centuries. The process is a big time and energy saver. There’s nothing underhanded or spooky about having someone work with you or for you.

The extra pair of eyes on a project offer more instant editing. Ghostwriters using their experience can interview an author. Little jewels of memory or plot are found that way. They would have gone unappreciated without the ghostwriter’s help.

I’ve studied ghostwriting methods and best practices with Nick Pavilidis Ghostwritng School. Freelance Writers Den has been an excellent resource for learning and experience. I’ve additional ghostwriting guidance at Freelance Writer’s Den. Free E-book: 101 ANSWERS FOR NEW FREELANCE WRITERS

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Learn more at Bar JD or contact me at . We can set an appointment to review your ideas or projects, then decide when and how to move forward.