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Burning_Hearts, Nike Chillemi author
Nikc Chillemi, Crime Fictionista has the strudel recipe from Burning Hearts and other Sanctuary Point dishes for you to enjoy as you follow the clues through the story.
There is little defense against the twisted and evil criminals who scheme to murder without motive.  Burning Hearts takes us to an historic time shortly after the end of World War II.  The crime is a vindictive murder and arson set up to hide the truth.
As we might expect in real life, the young victim, Ada Pinter, has family and friends who are dedicated to watching for her murderer.  A talented seamstress and war widow trying to support herself, no one can understand why Ada would be murdered.  Would men who had dated her recently be suspect?
A handsome stranger in the community rides by on his Harley just as the fire is discovered.  Lorne Kincade, a young veteran whose uncle lived in the close knit community, rushes into the flaming building to bring Ada Pinter out. He’s just too late.  Then, he’s suspected because he’s new and the real culprit takes advantage of small chances to turn the blame.
Ada Pinter was mentoring young Erica Brogna and even bequeathed her property to the young woman. Erica is determined to learn the truth about Ada’s death and in the process, becomes more acquainted with Kincade. 1946-Harley -- Lorne Kincade's Harley may have looked like this
Much as I enjoyed the mystery, i really enjoyed the descriptions of vehicles and lifestyle of my childhood.  Lorne Kincade’s Harley may have looked a lot like this 1946 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead! Would this seat have accommodated two?
Nike Chillemi conducts extensive research to make sure she has the lifestyle, professional behaviors and the little things lined up with the times featured in her writing. She takes the reader through different stages in their spiritual lives.  The war years have been a strain on the beliefs of many people while others grow spiritually.  Without pushing a specific doctrine, the author lets each character come to that deeper understanding that she or he is seeking.  No profanity or erotica. Older characters will have appeal for more mature young adult and adult readers.
There are many little things that I recall from a childhood in the era that made this a heartwarming story. While untangling the crime, the author takes us through some of the cultural processes in place during those days. The Burning Hearts characters mirror us, dear reader, in our spiritual situations where we doubt and question while not exercising our faith and think this is wise…only in our dim eyes!
I read this book on my Kindle Fire and enjoyed it a lot. I’m looking forward to others in the series.