About Cardinal Bluff

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Welcome to the new Cardinal Bluff.  Loving the bright red Cardinals and the dramatic limestone bluffs of the Missouri Ozarks, I’ve been looking for the special theme for Cardinal Bluff.  As the volume of flinch-free reading — fiction and non-fiction, began growing in my library, the future purpose for this site became clear.

The authors, their books and readers are the focus for Cardinal Bluff Reviews. It is a marketing effort of sort where I share reviews of books that I have enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy, but found well-written). I want authors to be encouraged to keep writing these books and readers to be able to find reading in the flinch-free niche. Learn more media details at the Contact Page.

You will find reviews of books I like (this is my blog, after all), a Book of the Month feature and announcement of Coming Releases, plus interviews and occasionally guest posts.

Authors and Publishers, I am happy to review your books in either print or Kindle Fire format. I use a Kindle Unlimited account to access many books.

Reviews of older books or books that are no longer available have been moved to Cardinal Bluff Chronicles. There’s a big ole search box in the footer to help you find the review you may be looking for.

Remember our author friends benefit from reviews about their art. Subscribers can download their free copy of Book Notes to keep track of review notes. And have ongoing access to other new things that will be coming to the Resource Library at Cardinal Bluff.